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So one year ago today the first Ouroboros Cycle book was released. Now I can tell you that when an author or artist releases something that they’ve spent ten years making, there’s a great deal of suspense and uncertainty about whether it will be well received. When you’ve put so much of yourself into a project, you’re always terrified that no one will like it.

Little did I know then the incredible response that The Ouroboros Cycle, Book One: A Monster’s Coming Of Age Story was to receive. Over the course of the past year an incredible fandom seems to have developed around the series, and I am both humbled and honored by it. The "Sassassins" as the fans have taken to calling themselves (because they, like the characters in the book, have “sass”) are some of the most enthusiastic, friendly, and clever fans I have ever seen. They have tea parties and online hang-outs, marvelous inside jokes, and are some of the most welcoming people you’ve ever met. They encourage each other, they invite new fans to join them, and are just generally awesome.

I cannot describe how much it means to me to have a fandom such as this forming around my work. It’s wonderful to think that my writing has affected people in this way, and I hope that it continues to move people and bring them together like this.

I want to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support for the book. I’m humbled and delighted and I am incredibly grateful.

So happy Sass Day to one and all!

(By the way, I did not coin the term “Sass Day”. That Sassassins did, and I love them for it.)

Taken in Australia.
No, I was not cosplaying R. Lutece. I have gotten a dozen messages asking me if I was when people saw this photo on my Instagram.

Livestream here.
This Saturday at 12:30 midnight to 1:30am (est) I will do another livechat, so do come if you like. I will be doing more readings from my new novel and talking about all sorts of fun things like the new soundtrack and such.

A few years ago the fantastic Kevin Geiselman commissioned this drawing of me by the talented artist Leanne Peacey of Every time I look at it I can not help but smile.

Reminder tonight I am doing a livechat 
this Saturday from 12:30 (midnight) to 1:30am (EST)
Do come if you can. It will be fun. I will be talking about the new journal project, I will play an exclusive bit of the new soundtrack, and read the next chapter in the new novel. A lot going on tonight come by and hang out.

More art that is from my new novel The Ouroboros Cycle Book One: A Monster’s Coming-Of-Age Story.  The art is by the talented and wonderful  Lawrence Gullo .

I had this messaged to me via Tumblr but the person who made this did not leave a name. It’s wonderful and I am glad you enjoyed the new book.
It’s from my new novel The Ouroboros Cycle Book One: A Monster’s Coming-Of-Age Story. The art is from Chapter 22, and was done by artist Fyodor A. Pavlov. The clip of dialogue is also from that chapter (quoted from page 222). I do not have a name for who made this lovely bit of, I guess you would call it fan art? But it’s wonderful and I thought it should be shared.

You guys are amazing. I just had this messaged to me by Emma, who was inspired by the book and by last night’s chat. I think its hysterical. If you make anything like this always let me know so I can share it with everyone else. Any time you do stuff like this it always makes me happy knowing you enjoyed the book.

This Saturday the 26th at 12:30 midnight to 1:30am (est) I will do another livechat, so do come if you like. I will be doing more readings from my new novel and talking about all sorts of fun things.

Go here to chat with us this Saturday evening.

I have gotten a number of messages about the new novel.

Question 1 "Should I get the kindle or hard copy?" - If you do not want to wait the few days for shipping, get the kindle, nook, or ebook version. That way you get it in seconds and can start reading. If you find that you love the book then I suggest also getting a print copy as this book is fantastic looking as a hard copy. But really I know no one has gobs of money so if you wish to read my novel and save a few bucks by all means please save some money and grab the kindle.

Question 2 "Is it OK if I cosplay a charicter from this book?"- Yes! and if you do please please please send me photos as I would love to see what great things you have done and if you give me the OK I would also love to post them here and to my fan page and also sing your praises for being amazing and putting all the work and effort in to making a cosplay based on something I wrote. I have been blown away in the past 24 hours via the severl messages I have gotten from people asking this question. Its exteramly humbling to find out people like what you wrote that much that they want to make the effort to recreate it in real life.I also know the two wonderful artist who illustrated my novel would love to see this as well. So yes do it! and please make certain you send in photos so I can sing your prases for being so awsome. 

Question 3, “Are there going to be other books?” - Yes , there will be this is the first of the series so if you enjoyed this book you have many more to look forward too.