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Nice thing my publisher put together for my new book.

The Ouroboros Cycle, Book One: A Monster’s Coming of Age Story

It has over 30 illustrations by Fyodor A. Pavlov and Lawrence Gullo

Today my new novel is live!! With 30 fantastic illustrations. Get it online wherever books are sold. Like here

For the past year I have been keeping this board to help give you a feel for what you are reading: Ouroboros Cycle 

The 30 illustrations are done by the wonderful Fyodor A. Pavlov and Lawrence Gullo

More fantastic things to come!


The Ouroboros Cycle Book One: A Monster’s Coming-Of-Age Story
Release date is January 21, 2013

A preview of 1 of the 30 illustrations in the book by the talented Fyodor A. Pavlov and Lawrence Gullo.
More to come…