The accusation of “fake geek girl" is fundamentally misogynistic, implying that women (but not men) would pretend to like geek and fandom related things simply for the sake of getting attention. It’s blatantly offensive to women, but frankly it’s offensive to everyone! Not only does it ignore the very real fact that women make up a major portion of the geek/nerd/fandom population, but it also completely misses the point. Whether you’re into comics, sci-fi/fantasy, alternative history, Sherlock Holmes, or whatever, the point is that you enjoy the subject and you want to meet other people who share your interest. IT IS NOT A COMPETITION! It is about having fun, not arguing over who is the better or "more real" fan. As soon as you start accusing someone of being a "fake fan" or "less of a fan" than you, you invalidate the entire reason for associating with other fans. Be happy about the fact that other people like the same things you do. The point is to have fun. So seriously, get out there and have fun, and let other people have fun too.

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    The strip is exaggerated at the very end compared to real life, it really illustrates the internet more. Geeks are a lot...
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    I don’t really agree with ^ cause honestly if you just like something because other ppl think its cool you aren’t being...
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