A series of paintings depicting a charge of the French Chasseurs de la Guard against a Brunswick infantry square during the battle of Waterloo seen from different angles. Painted by Ferre Clauzel

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New York. Manhattan Beach, 1895.

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Paintings by Gilles Grimoin

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Madame choosing fabric for her custom gown, Maison Worth, Paris. 

Evening coat & dress, 1890s.


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Previoulsy: 12 - 3 

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The Adventures of George Washington by LadyHistory [more]

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United States




United States

Museum at FIT

Arsène Lupin (2004) - Eva Green as Clarisse de Dreux-Soubise wearing an off-shoulder evening dress made of white chiffon and lace with yellow fabric floral appliques.

The dramatic necklace worn by Eva is reminiscent of the famous Queen’s necklace, made by the Crown jewellers Böhmer and Bassenge and decorated with 540 diamonds.

The costumes were designed by Pierre-Jean Larroque.

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