Blood In The Skies

Blood In The Skies is now in print and available for sale. Check it out on Good Reads. You can also purchase a copy from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or obtain an ebook version for the Kindle or Nook.

Want a preview before purchase? Check out an excerpt of the prologue and first chapter on

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Here is what people are saying about Blood In The Skies:

Praise for Blood in the Skies:
“This is steampunk clanking to life on the page.”
—Jay Lake, Campbell Award winner and author of Mainspring

“G. D. Falksen’s witty, anachronistic, and downright fun writing style makes him a storyteller to watch.”
—Terrance Zdunich, creator of REPO! The Genetic Opera and The Molting

“A piston blast of pure pulp adventure.”
—John Leavitt, author of Dr. Sketchy’s Official Rainy Day Colouring Book and Scarlet Takes Manhattan

“A rousing adventure filled with a wealth of imagery, action and technological wonders.”
—Chet Phillips, award winning illustrator and digital artist

“G.D. Falksen is not only one of the most important authors in Steampunk literature, he is arguably the most enjoyable.”
—Art Donovan, author of The Art of Steampunk

“A delightfully crunchy alternate reality that lets you feel the gears grinding.”
—Phil Foglio, creator of the Hugo Award winning Girl Genius